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Worldwide Ministries


Pastor Frank Amedia

Pastor Anwar Fazal Masih

Touch Heaven Ministries is Reaching The Nations

As the first part of our threefold mission states:
“We direct our ministry to the Nations, all countries and peoples of the world to whom we call to repent – and for the Lord to heal and restore the lands.”

We do this through evangelism and preaching around the world, continuous support of a variety of worldwide ministries,  and through taking an active part in building and teaching in schools and churches.

Join us on a journey around the world as you find out ways that
YOU and THM are making a difference
for the Kingdom of God!

Touch Pakistan

Touch Heaven Ministries is the headquarters of Isaac TV North America with it's studios located in Canfield, OH.  Isaac TV was founded by international evangelist, Anwar Fazal and is centered right in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan It is made available to 67 nations surrounding Pakistan through Satellite 7. We have also helped provide Bibles for new converts and growing material for the thousands of new and growing Christians throughout Pakistan. With your support we will be able to supply more resources, both on air and through written and audio resources.

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Pakistan missions trip 1.jpg

Someone around the world can be touched by the gift of your hands, by the prayers from your mouth, and the kindness of your heart!

Make a difference TODAY!

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