About Frank Amedia and Touch Heaven Ministries:

Frank Amedia has been active throughout the world for over 30 years, having ministered on every continent. He received his commission in 1980 in an amazing encounter with the Messiah, and was told then that he would be used to Prepare The  Way and that his ministry would accelerate as the last days drew near.

A few years back, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to him: " If you visit one new church each week for the next 10 years, you will reach only 520 houses of God. Be obedient to my path, and you will be my voice  to the world through media and the other highways that I send you out on".  

Recently, the call came from Isaac TV in the East -- "we want your program."  For the past year we have been broadcasting to 65 nations in that portion of the world, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Korea, Indonesia, and China.  Now we are preparing to televise on an Israeli TV network for evangelism and miracles!

We are being stretched throughout the world. We are a small, efficient ministry doing a big work. Through our Touch The Nations program, our churches are expanding in Africa and India. Our school in the wilderness of Kenya is growing.  Souls are being saved everywhere and people are RECEIVING training and BECOMING equipped to be OVERCOMERS! We are making a difference as we present sound teaching with fresh revelation on the firm foundation of the Word, demonstrating the power of God as we minister in the Glory with signs, wonders, and miracles.

Frank and his wife Lorilee Amedia speak nationwide evangelistically as God leads them, pastor a church in Canfield, OH, and have founded New Creation Woman and POTUS Shield.

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