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100 Days of Prayer


The Lord spoke and challenged us to a 100 day 'Feast of Prayer" for the purpose of BREAKTHROUGH ...  

and TOUCH HEAVEN has responded. 


Please join our TOUCH HEAVEN church family and International ministry as we agree together each of these 100 days 

Declare and move in faith together for BREAKTHROUGH!!!

Prayer Points for the week of the Dec. 2nd

  1. God's Divine peace and joy over us and our family during this season of such great depression and stress.

  2. Godly revelation to see those in our circle of influence that we can be of help to and the heart to act on what we see.

  3. God's protection and deliverance for those being persecuted for the cause of Christ and the advancement of His Kingdom.

  4. Godly boldness of those in government to stand on biblical truths and not back down to opposing points of view.


These are the Prayer Points for the week of the Nov. 25th

  1. A Stirring up and activation of the gifts within and a calling to the remembrance of our place and calling at this time, both for the Kingdom and our individual lives.

  2. Godly resolution and deliverance from lingering issues, distractions and hindrances that try to break our focus on the Lord in our lives, family and church.

  3. A Divine release of ideas, talents, resources and motivation that brings forth exponential growth in our lives, family and church.

  4. A Divine renewing of strength, zeal, focus and determination for those in government that continue to fight for Biblical Principles and Religious Freedoms.

These are the Prayer Points for the week of the Nov. 18th

  1. Divine protection over our congregation, especially our children - physically, spiritually and mentally

  2. God's protection over our Church, homes and schools

  3. Holy Spirit to bring comfort to those impacted by the recent school shootings

  4. Strength and Godly wisdom for our President, Government officials, Pastors and teachers

These are the Prayer Points for the week of the Nov. 11th​​

  1. Personal increase in strength over the Spiritually weak areas in our character

  2. Personal abundance of Love, Unity, Peace, Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace within your family

  3. Israel and the current Military Crisis due to the rocket attacks against them.

  4. Guidance for The Trump Administration on how to stand with Israel during the current crisis.

These are the Prayer Points for the week of Nov. 4th

  1. Diligence to see God's plan through in your life

  2. Personal boldness to stand for the Kingdom of God regardless of the opposition

  3. The Trump Administration as they fight to Protect our Religious Freedom and Vulnerable Children

  4. Israel and the governmental impasse they are dealing with

These are the Prayer Points for the week of Oct. 28th

  1. For the heart our lost loved ones to accept the salvation the Lord offers.

  2. Personal victory over persisting problems

  3. A fresh revelation of wisdom, knowledge and understanding upon the leaders and teachers of our church family.

  4. A Special release from God of strength, health, peace of mind, and a shield of protection around Pastors Frank, Lorilee and their family.

These are the Prayer Points for the week of Oct. 21st

  1. Personal renewing of lost strength, lost hope, lost trust, lost zeal in/for the things of God.

  2. Personal increase in resources needed to fulfill God's purpose for your life.

  3. Growth and effectiveness of the varies ministries of our Church and the leaders of those ministries.


These are the Prayer points for the week of Oct. 14th​

  1. Personally; a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord.

  2. Strength in the core of families, founded upon the Lord and knit with him

  3. Israel and the establishing of a government that will allow Christianity to flourish. 

  4. Outreach ministries to the nations: India, Pakistan, Africa, Nigeria, Iran, China

These are the prayer points for the week of the Oct. 7th

1. Personal healing and deliverance from past hurts and offenses

2. Personal understanding and clarity on how to make an impact for the Kingdom of God in your circle of influence 

3. Increase and recognition of the calling of this Church Body to fulfill the plans, purposes and destiny that is given to us corporately

4. The Godly insight on how to build an effective Youth Ministry here at Touch Heaven Ministries Canfield Church. 

These are the prayer points for the week of Sept. 30th

1. Personal Cleansing and Repentance

2. Personal alignment with the purposes and plans of the Lord for your life 

3. Pastors Frank & Lorilee's trip to Israel and the successful fulfillment of the mission and purpose for the trip

4. The Godly insight on how to build an effective local outreach here at Touch Heaven Ministries Canfield Church

These are the prayer points for the Week Of Sept. 23rd

1. Personal - as you are led to pray for your family and needs
2. For our church or your church 
3. Israel : for the forming of the new government 
3. Morality and Godly justice in The U.S. or your nation 
4. Kingdom:  cleansing and reformation within the Body of Christ, top down. 

We are gathering together for corporate prayer during these 100 days

every other Sunday at 9:30 - 10:15 am (before Service)

Oct. 13th, 27th, Nov. 10th, 24th, Dec. 8th and 22nd

We want to hear from you...

if during these 100 days of prayer

the lord does something for you that you wish to share please let us know