Year 2022 Fast 

Start Date: Monday, January 3rd     End Date: Sunday, January 23rd (End as a Congregation)

The suggested Fasting Schedule is listed below:

  •  First week - Partial Fasting, one moderate meal daily (early dinner preferred) 

  •  Second Week - Partial Fasting, vegetables, fruits, and liquids

  •  Third week - Total Fast (liquids only)

Fasting is always as led of the Lord. The above is suggested; please use common sense and follow the leading of the Lord. Fasting is not just about limiting food intake, it is about the time spent in prayer, meditating in the Scriptures, spending QUALITY time with the Lord and renewing our relationship with Him, etc.  


Prayer points: these are general to be lifted throughout the fast term.

This year we are led of the Lord to break out our Prayer Points into 3 categories, one for each week.


Week 1:      “Personal”  TRANSFORMATION  FOR YOU

Week 2:      “Corporate”  TRANSFORMATION  FOR OUR CHURCH

Week 3:      “Preparation”  TRANSFORMATION  FOR THE KINGDOM

Download or Print Fasting Documents

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Invitation          Focus          Guide to Fasting         Updated prayer points