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A word of appreciation from the Gancarz
For all those who supported them and helped them through this tragic event.

Car Crash Creates Immediate Need For Help

All donations will go to the family and are tax-deductible

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Sunday evening, January 22nd, while driving on a snow-covered road, Mike, Alissa, and three of their children; Kayna, Noah, and Sayla were in a head-on crash, totaling their van and sending them all to the hospital. Alissa and the kids (Kayna, Noah, and Sayla) were all severely bruised, having some cuts, and showing signs of concussions. Mike took the worst of it, receiving deep cuts to his face, brain injuries causing bleeding and swelling, a broken shoulder, and bruises all over his body, and he has no memory of the accident. 

Alissa and the kids were released from the hospital. Mike was not as fortunate and he is still there due to the bleeding and swelling of his brain. When Mike is released, he will need time to recover before he can work again. The current estimation for how long Mike will be unable to work is about 6 months. Mike who is a self-employed businessman and the financial backbone of the family; is now in a position where he can not provide for his family.


This family of 8, Mike, Alissa, and their children Kayna, Noah, Sayla, Bianca, Alinna, and Caleb, are in desperate need of help. We need to step into the gap and help them to get a vehicle as theirs is a total loss and to help with medical bills and lost wages while Mike and Alissa heal.  No gift is too large or too small.

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